Become a Pixel Translator

Why work for PixelTranslating?

Work whenever and wherever you like.

You have the freedom to pick and choose clients according to your schedule. If it suits you then it suits us. is also desktop and mobile-ready, so you can work pretty much anywhere you want as long as you’re connected.

We pay on time, anytime.

We have implemented a reliable and consistent payment system and have given you even more freedom by allowing you to extract your earnings anytime you like. No Restrictions.

Work according to your own interests and schedule.

We understand the importance of working with clients that suit you. You have options to pick and choose from clients with an extensive variety of content based on different industries. takes into consideration your specific interests and needs, and then makes sure that the right content is pushed to you.

Develop your skills. offers free online industry-related content for you to research and learn from. This content can help you develop your skills in different industries and to expand your knowledge, ready for further qualifications and a wider range of jobs through Pixel Translating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I become a Pixel Translator?
We have a large approved community of translators already working for, however we are always looking to further grow our PixelTranslating team. Simply sign up, read the etiquette guide, tell us where your fields of expertise lie and we will evaluate your case. Your customers’ ratings will – next to our assessment – determine how many job offers you will receive.
2How does the translation process work?
PixelTranslating Clients upload their content for translation using our quick and easy online translation forms. Jobs are created instantly and we pass on their content to you, the translators.
3Can I get notified of new jobs?
You can look for jobs by accessing the PixelTranslating Check Jobs page. PixelTranslating also sends out email notifications to you based on us matching client content with your skills as a translator.
4How does the payment process work?
What’s great about PixelTranslating, is that you’re in control of your finances. The client pays in advance so you don’t have to worry about not getting paid. Once our 30 day satisfaction guarantee has passed you simply request a withdrawal amount of your choice. You can use PayPal and Stripe, with more payment options available soon.

More questions? Get in touch.